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Data Protection – fast and effective training

Protect your company and train your workforce in accordance with GDPR — with outstanding, varied course content.

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Warum Data Protection bei IS-FOX schulen?

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Outstanding content, constantly updated - based on over 15 years of experience and over 500 customers of all sizes, from one-person businesses to DAX companies.

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You can set up training courses with just a few clicks and train your employees in a crisp and concise way. No blah blah, but straight to the point. It sticks, spares your nerves and budget.

Reduce liability risk

Protect yourself from avoidable liability and damages! Certified training courses reduce the risk of security incidents, compliance violations and data breaches.

Included in all courses


Each participant receives a training completion certificate — important as proof in case of claims!

Multiple languages

All training courses are available in German & English.

Yearly automated

Your training is carried out automatically every year, so you don't have to worry about a thing.


Users are automatically reminded of open training courses via email.

Self-Service Plattform

Trainings can be kicked-off in record time, their status can be tracked and users can be managed independently.

Interactive courses

Each training includes engaging videos and interactive quizzes.

Explore the course content of the Data Protection Training


DSGVO Einführung: Warum ein Datenschutz-Training

  • Datenschutz - was ist das
  • Unterschied zu Informationssicherheit
  • Die EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO)
  • Personenbezogene Daten
  • Besondere Kategorien personenbezogener Daten
  • Unterschiede zum bisherigen BDSG (Marktortprinzip, Beweislastumkehr, höhere Strafen, etc.)

DSGVO Einführung: Warum ein Datenschutz-Training

  • Datenschutz - was ist das
  • Unterschied zu Informationssicherheit
  • Die EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO)
  • Personenbezogene Daten
  • Besondere Kategorien personenbezogener Daten
  • Unterschiede zum bisherigen BDSG (Marktortprinzip, Beweislastumkehr, höhere Strafen, etc.)

GDPR introduction: Why data protection training

  • Data protection — what is is?
  • Difference from information security
  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Personal data
  • Special categories of personal data
  • Differences to the previous BDSG (market location principle, reversal of the burden of proof, higher penalties, etc.)

The principles of the GDPR

  • The basic principles of data protection
  • Purpose limitation
  • Data minimization
  • Storage limitation
  • The rights of the data subject
  • Who is responsible
    What structures does the GDPR require

Data protection requirements

  • Order processing according to GDPR
  • Technical and organizational measures
  • Order processing with service providers
  • Data protection in marketing

Data protection in everyday life - GDPR in companies

  • Confidentiality of personal data
  • Correct handling and storage
  • Sharing of personal data
  • Dealing with authorities
  • Securely exchange and encrypt files
  • Helpful measures for the protection of sensitive data

Data protection when working from home

  • Company data only on company devices
  • Secure handling of personal data in the home office
  • Do not use public cloud services
  • Web meetings and telephone tips

Data protection in a private context

  • Dealing with private data on the Internet
  • Personal data minimization
  • Privacy settings in apps and social services
  • Your rights as a data subject

In case of a data breach

  • What is a data protection incident?
  • Real examples of large data breaches
  • Measures and correct behavior in an emergency
  • Information and reporting obligation

How to start your training in 30 seconds

Set up your trainings in no time and have us remind your employees automatically - every year.



Create employees

Employees can be created individually or simply imported via file upload.


Add course participants & train automatically

You add employees as participants to the trainings, we do the rest: annual training and automatic reminders.


Train & certify your staff in record time

When the training is completed, a certificate is automatically issued and displayed on your dashboard

Employees love us

Our reviews speak for themselves: Outstanding feedback from course participants and companies.

“Great training, very well explained. I didn't think GDPR certification could be fun too!”


The topic used to be boring for me and just a must. Now I'm absolutely blown away!


Outstanding! By far the best training I've done so far.


The training really opens your eyes about this topic. [...] Easy to understand even for laypeople.


“All of our employees were very impressed by the training”


“So much positive feedback for IT security — it's starting to get almost creepy to me.”


“Very well thought through, participants stay interested, mix of old (last year) and new information, which deepens what has been learned and builds up new knowledge.”


“Good combination of video and text. This way, different types of learners are addressed.”


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How do my employees get access to the training?

  1. You add employees as course participants
  2. Course participants receive an invitation email with a direct link to the course
  3. If it is the first training for participants, they will be asked to set a password
  4. Let's go: The participants can now start their training!

For how long are licenses valid?

A license is valid for 1 year. During this year, the license can be used by employees to complete one annual training per training area (e.g. one annual training in the Data Protection and one annual training on Occupational Safety).

Do I need to make an appointment with your Support or Sales team in order to set up my trainings?

No, you do not have to. Of course, we're happy to help, but you can set up training courses yourself in just a few clicks using our self-service platform.

What 'Proof of Completion' do you provide?

After completing a training course, each participant receives a certificate, which can be downloaded and stored as a PDF.

You still have questions?

Are you unsure which plan is right for you? We are happy to help you.